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How To Get Rid Of Bunions?

Chloe Alexander, Florida

I noticed that on the inside of my feet, right next to the thumbs, bunions have formed. They hurt a lot. When i wear shoes it hurts and sometimes my fingers even cramp and i can't step on my feet anymore. It's awful and it hurts. I started to wear bigger size shoes, but there is no significant change. Actually the pain increased. I tried a lot of home remedies and recipes but nothing solved my problem. I heard from friends that "the bone" can be surgically removed. Is that true?

Responds: Doctor John Atkins

surgeon, orthopedist

Неllo, Chloe!

There are hundreds of surgical methods for dealing with hallux-valgus - a deformity of the base joint of the big toe - which is popular with names like bunion and simply “bone". All of these methods are complex, difficult and expensive. But the surgical intervention should always be the last measure. In my professional experience 9 of 10 people heal their bunions with nonsurgical method. They use gel bunion separator, called Valgomed. This separator is extremely effective and it turns out that is 10 times more affordable than the simplest surgical intervention. At least that are the results of my patients, achieved with the help of Valgomed.

Chloe Alexander

Doctor Atkins, i can't find this separator anywhere. And i don't want to order the product from some suspicious websites... Can you tell me where can i find the genuine Valgomed?

Doctor John Atkins

Dear Chloe, you can order Valgomed from the official site of the manufacturer


Judith Branson, Minnesota,

5 years ago i bought beautiful expensive shoes. I was so happy but in the other hand i was scared from the heel height - 12 centimeters. After all i decided to take a walk in them for some days at the office in front of my colleagues. And then the problems came. When i got home from work in the evening, мy feet were very tense and painful. After some time appeared these nasty knuckles! At some point i even consider to contact a surgeon, but then a friend of mine recommended me. And now i can walk perfectly normal.

Kailey Gardner, North Dacota,

I am very small, only 150 cm all. I want to look taller, so i'm forced to wear high heels. I absolutely love sandals with thin heels and boots with minimum 14 cm heels. These bad habits caused me a lot of pain and the appearance of so called "bones" on my feet. I did different kind of exercises but none of them helped me. I tried Valgomed, and the bunions dissapeared after just couple of weeks.

Tasha Gretzky, Montana,

I'm 43 years old and just like many others i used to suffer a lot when walking. In my youth i had never thought that such disaster could happen to me. The bunion on my foot grew seriously and i tried different kind of shoes to get rid off the pain. My feet just couldn't fit inside any shoe! Even at home i hadn't had the opportunity to wear slippers, because the pain was unbearable. One time i went to the store to buy new shoes. I tried couple of different brands but my foot didn't fit anywhere. I became so upset that the girl in the store asked me what's wrong. I told her that i have problems with my feet and that i don't know what to do. And then she recommended me Valgomed. She told that she had the exact same problem and now everything is fine and she can wear tight shoes again. I believed her, got back home and ordered Valgomed immediately. Now i'm happy to tell you that i'm fine. It helped beautifully. I highly recommended it to you all!

Natalie Whitman, Iowa,

I underwent a surgery 10 years ago. Initially everything was ok, but then bunions appeared again. I had joint pain, "the bone" started to grow again and i can't walk normally. I have tried to find something useful on the internet, but there i found same old bulls**t. Some websites recommended treatment with egg and salt. I laughed hard but on the other had i wanted to avoid another surgery. One day i found similar page like this and after 2 or 3 days i started using Valgomed. It helped and now i can walk again! This product is fantastic.

Emmi Hallen, New York,

Hi еverybody. I'm only 25 years old and already i have problems with bunions on my feet. When i was 18 i liked tight shoes a lot, because that was the fashion item of that time - we were told that the higher the heel is the better. Even today i remember how uncomfortable that was. I endured all that in the name of good looks. It was so stupid of me! My shoes were killing me so much that sometimes my feet had bruises and even blood. After that my whole feet became very painful and bumps appeared next to the big toe. And then these awful bunions came. I went to the doctor who told me the price of the surgery. I was so desperate. Big thanks to the girl next door though! She told me for the existence of Valgomed. Now my feet don't hurt anymore.

Evangeline Amber, Alabama,

Оh, girls, your stories are exactly like mine. I inherited this obscenity. My mother had bunions, my grandmother too. The pain is so strong that sometimes i want to die! I almost forgot what is to wear high heels shoes, till i tried Valgomed. Only recently i tried sandals on platform and i found out that i can walk normally.

Stephanie Davis, California

I'm a ballet dancer. I'm not famous but i try every time to "shine" on stage. But is not that easy as it sounds. At one point i can't even stand on my toes. My feet were deformed and they hurt a lot. If for most of the people bunions are simply ugly, for me they meant the end of my professional career. I found Valgomed accidently – one of my colleagues recommended it to me. I asked what is it and she told me about this separator. She even gave me her's pair to try on my feet. I didn't expect this amazing result. Now, i feel fine and i dance on the same level as i did before. At some point i even though that i should say "Goodbye" to the ballet.

Maddie Jenkins, New York,

The whole nightmare is that if you have bunions on your feet, it would be impossible for you to put anything on your feet. OK, we can live without high heels, but you wouldn't be able to wear simple boots as well! My feet had so much bruises that i couldn't walk normally. And in the summer? Personally i couldn't bear the pain. And then this article appeared to me and i ordered Valgomed immediately. The first results impressed me - my feet didn't hurt anymore. I keep on using this gel bunion separator and i am happy with ti.

Еleanor Johnson, Washington,

I’m a waitress and understandably i'm in standing position most of the time. The rules in the cafeteria where i work says that the female personnel should wear blouse, skirt and high heels. I work everyday from 4:00 pm to 3:00 am and this stress feels particularly strong in my feet. Bunions have appeared, my feet started to hurt big time. I ordered Valgomed. I hadn’t tried it yet and i had thought that i would have to quit work. But i desperately needed that money to pay for my education. So, my dear, if Valgomed didn’t showed up in my life i would have to forget about university and i would have to live on the streets!

Alice Belle, North Carolina,

When i was young i worked as an office manager in big company. And, like all of the girls back then, i was fashion victim. I wear short skirts, high heels, my hair was fuzzy and my make-up was strong. Now i understand that it has been stupid but back then it was easy to climb the stairs in high heels if you know what i mean. Eventually i “еarned” bunions and i could wear nothing but slippers on my feet. I tried literally everything, even steam treatment. Nothing really helped. When i bought Valgomed, I no longer believed that something would help me. And now look at me, i walk easily on platforms and high heels like i did 10 years ago!